Friday, January 21, 2011

tacco belly!

i mean really, are you serious?
you may be my ex and i dont care.
BUT have you seen her belly? it's oversized, double than yours.
how the hell can she sit on your lap while you kiss her? eh?
how the hell can you kiss her after all? 

and i dont care if that sounds racist.
and i dont care if she's fun to be around, 
or if she does a good blowjob or whatever.

she's so pathetic
aand i'm so jealous, i admit it.
but she's sooo FAT and UGLY
with a meaty tacco belly!


  1. My ex did also have a 'plus size' girlfriend. Yep, pathetic.

  2. μην κοιτας εκει μωρε.

  3. Ξέρεις,όταν αγαπάς κάποιον δεν κοιτάς τα κιλά του.
    Απο μικρή είχα παραπάνω κιλα αν και τώρα με την κολύμβηση τα χασα,και είχα τις πιο πολλές σχέσεις στην τάξη μου.Και δεν με χώρισε κανείς τους.Μην κοιτάς μόνο στην εξωτερική εμφάνιση.

  4. oh damn, it's about D.
    he's obsessed with the weight issue^

  5. Umm,I know.
    You've told me about his obsessed with the weight issue!
    But still,maybe he is doing that becuase he needs to get over someone special like you. :$

  6. Oh ,I understand you. Same thing is happening to me. I mean wtf? Is he blind or what?