Saturday, April 30, 2011

What you gonna do Katie?

'every morning i wake up with the knowledge the best moment of my day has already pass'
That is, sorrow and suffering and hate everywhere 
and you can feel the weight of it crushing your very soul 

So you close your eye's and you believe and you believe hard.

In God, In Science, In Karma and even in the fact that the world inside your head could be real somewhere

Even if somewhere in your heart you no it cant be so
you no she will never let you explain why you did what you did
you no you will never become that greatyou no you will never be loved that much 

(recently i'm in love with this song, take a look.)

Friday, April 29, 2011

how do we say goodbye if we've hardly said hello?

oh my goodness goodness! 
i hope everyone enjoyed their spring break, a month is only left guys.
keep up the good work, lock horns with the exams.

i beat myself internally about what i want in my life, and how it contradicts what i need. 
i have been told i think too much, 
but still, it's a little daunting to realise
 that you are a sex-aholic and a relationship-ruiner(there's no such world, i know)
i am a little bit of a scatterbrain of emotions, but i guess i just want what every human wants:
 a sense of constancy against a wave of overwhelming instability. 

i hope everybody takes time to acknowledge that life is beautiful. 
see life in technicolor, and not black and white. 

Allie. xx

Sunday, April 24, 2011

London's Calling.

It's amazing how exhilarating a simple trip off town can be.
I wonder if you missed my presence and my posts in blogspot. 
I can admit that this period of my life was a bit too difficult,
some things are just hard to write about.

I've just met the girlfriend of my ex/best friend. She's lovable,veritably!
My inner self is a bit jealous, but wholesale i'm happy for both.

My psych isn't so shitty, but still i feel like having a giant whole inside me. 
I don't want to feel complete, just a little less empty.