Friday, August 26, 2011

sorry guys, i cant do it anymore.

okay, this is seriously the last time that i'm writing in this blog.
it doesnt represent me anymore and it makes me wanna commit suicide again.
i cant. if anyone wants it just message me, i feel like its haunted.
i cant think of this shit anymore, i want my normal life back,
the problem is when you cant have it. i'm sick, okay?
really, deeply sick.
sorry my beloved followers again.
love you guys always, Allie.


Monday, August 1, 2011

another disordered bitch?

Hello lovelies, incredibly good mood today.
I can admit that i'm feeling optimistic even though i'm treated downtrodden.
Its the first time in the last 5 years that i enjoy eating doughnuts.
I dont feel like a fatass, it's just okay to me.

I havent seen my brother in ages, i wanna apologize to him, i was such an ass,
because of my problems i turned you down wise owl.
i love you, you are the only one that really helps me through that phase.
we'll catch up later, okay? i'm sorry but i cant right now.
I've turned off my phone and i deactivated my facebook/twitter account
 in case you wanna know.

Oh, and the second problem of mine right now is J.
He had hardly been in touch with me these days and he was like my ghost before.
everyday,all day chasing after me.
What happened skinny love? I miss your uninterrupted chatter 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I want to be a part of it, New York

Ohmygod , its been only a couple of weeks after my previous post.
I'm fine, still breathing at least.

I feel weird, my whole life is different now.
I'm considering moving back in NY, in my beloved school, but not sure yet.
Dad's not okay with me going to Le Rosey boarding school and i have to 
keep visiting my doctor here and a clinic for eating disorders.
 found a boy here. he's struggling with anorexia, he is sooo cuteand he is dyslexic, 
his writing sucks but thats lovely, it sounds to me that i'm into him.
his name is Travis, we go good together, well we'll see how it works out.

still i'm shittie, i miss my friends and summer in Greece.
i miss everything from Allie, i'm totally different here,now.
am i hoping for a miracle ? all i can do is be me , whoever that is.
re-learn to live.
Take good care of your warrior souls.
Allie. xx

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ironic laugh.

i'll die , sooner than you expect.
it's the last time i'm writing in here
thanks for everything, honestly. 
Allie. x

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

can you spell summer?

Oh,oh,oh summer OHELEVEN.
I'm so excited that in like one week i'll be in USA.
My one and only problem is that i haven't fixed my suitcases yet.
while i'm too busy thinking about it.
I'm known to be an over-thinker and an under-doer, and that is definitely a bad point of my.
So convenient,that.
Didn't someone say that no decision was worse than a bad decision?

Oh forgot to mention that i'm single, the blondie is back in market guys.
This time last year things were so so different, but i dont know yet if they were better.
I feel that i deserve this, i forced him to do what i wanted.
I never considered that it might be him that it was leaving.
I dont feel at all broken, i'm going to California in 2 weeks, what can be wrong?
I'm waiting for that, for the summer midnight parties, the unending gossip with my girlfriends, 
the microwave tans, the neon-coloured sorbet ice creams and so more. 
What are your summer plans? Let me know. x

Friday, June 17, 2011

no expectations , no disappointments.

 In life .. No matter who you are, where you are and what you do... 
there are always bad things and good things that happen and change your life. 
When either each of the two occur, what you should do is, in order to protect your self, 
to see the good side and the bad side of the situations.
                             One important fact is that these both bad and good sides always exist, 
in either situation, but one side will always be stronger.
Think about it.
We usually say "everything happens for a reason" for bad things ...
but don't forget the good things, cause they can be tricky and turn into bad later.

So, don''t expect things, because tomorrow never knows.
“The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations.”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

re-locating wonderland.

" Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye 
means going away and going away, means forgetting. "

I'm sure that my brother googles that witty quotes.
It's funny how a quote can blossom into a serious conversation. 
We have been discussing about our future, and which is the most difficult part,
we both agreed on letting something go, or not letting something go.
You may choose to follow a different path in your life, so what?
Your past is everything you have, your dirty little secrets.
We cannot change it. We cannot change the fact that we met some certain people
that acted in a certain way and we had certain feelings!
We remain heart-broken, or happy, or unhappy or whatever the hell we feel or felt.
My point is that we should accept that whatever happened to our past,
it had all worked together to bring us to this very moment.
So, the only thing we can do is play with what we have, and this is our attitude.
and that is inevitable.