Monday, August 1, 2011

another disordered bitch?

Hello lovelies, incredibly good mood today.
I can admit that i'm feeling optimistic even though i'm treated downtrodden.
Its the first time in the last 5 years that i enjoy eating doughnuts.
I dont feel like a fatass, it's just okay to me.

I havent seen my brother in ages, i wanna apologize to him, i was such an ass,
because of my problems i turned you down wise owl.
i love you, you are the only one that really helps me through that phase.
we'll catch up later, okay? i'm sorry but i cant right now.
I've turned off my phone and i deactivated my facebook/twitter account
 in case you wanna know.

Oh, and the second problem of mine right now is J.
He had hardly been in touch with me these days and he was like my ghost before.
everyday,all day chasing after me.
What happened skinny love? I miss your uninterrupted chatter 

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