Thursday, July 28, 2011

I want to be a part of it, New York

Ohmygod , its been only a couple of weeks after my previous post.
I'm fine, still breathing at least.

I feel weird, my whole life is different now.
I'm considering moving back in NY, in my beloved school, but not sure yet.
Dad's not okay with me going to Le Rosey boarding school and i have to 
keep visiting my doctor here and a clinic for eating disorders.
 found a boy here. he's struggling with anorexia, he is sooo cuteand he is dyslexic, 
his writing sucks but thats lovely, it sounds to me that i'm into him.
his name is Travis, we go good together, well we'll see how it works out.

still i'm shittie, i miss my friends and summer in Greece.
i miss everything from Allie, i'm totally different here,now.
am i hoping for a miracle ? all i can do is be me , whoever that is.
re-learn to live.
Take good care of your warrior souls.
Allie. xx


  1. I am so happy seeing a new post of you!
    I was scared and worried.
    it's nice you found someone ,i hope it works out!
    i don't know exactly the situation ,but if you want to move to NY then do it!
    Good students bright no matter the school :)
    Take care of yourself

  2. He must be really nice. Especially males you face anorexia are extremely shameful and shy about that so I hope you does well too.

    Don't worry and don't hold back yourself Allie.
    I missed you so much. <3