Friday, April 29, 2011

how do we say goodbye if we've hardly said hello?

oh my goodness goodness! 
i hope everyone enjoyed their spring break, a month is only left guys.
keep up the good work, lock horns with the exams.

i beat myself internally about what i want in my life, and how it contradicts what i need. 
i have been told i think too much, 
but still, it's a little daunting to realise
 that you are a sex-aholic and a relationship-ruiner(there's no such world, i know)
i am a little bit of a scatterbrain of emotions, but i guess i just want what every human wants:
 a sense of constancy against a wave of overwhelming instability. 

i hope everybody takes time to acknowledge that life is beautiful. 
see life in technicolor, and not black and white. 

Allie. xx

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