Monday, January 31, 2011

girls will always be girls.

Crush; is it that suddenly happy, suddenly nervous 
non localized feeling somewhere aroundur mid gut to mid section .
 is it the butterflies doing plies in the pit of ur stomach
 or that all consuming high that fills your heart 
making you feel like you're about to burst.

Whatsoever, it was curiosity that had me riffling through his pictures,
 and damn he really looks like Aaron Johnson. (Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging guy)
 i'm trying to find out what drew him to me in the first place.

.Startling realization that i love crushes, makes me feel like a child again.
 i love the unexpected thump of my heart when he's near, the mixture of anxiety and nervousness 
when he looks at me with those blue-ish eyes. t
he little smile on my face as he sneaks a glance at me when he thinks i'm not looking. 
Methinks he likes me but we both know it'd never be, so i just crush, and enjoy the feeling!

i'm a Disney girl through and through.
And a hopeless romantic. Pfft