Monday, January 3, 2011

i thought you were mr.Brightside

breathe,deep breathe..

its funny how just when you start thinking things are gettin better, 
something happens and everything crashes down around you.
i fight and i fight and i fight, 
i don't think i there is anything to fight for really. 
not now. not anymore.

i have this idea that i keep so close to my heart of what things could be like, 
what they will be like once everything is better. 
but, how long does it take? how long is too long to wait? 
i guess they are right when they say some things never change.

how can you say that when you know they aint true?
 i just can't believe that you can talk to me that way, and truly mean the things you are saying.
how can one person be so impudent and so mean and cold hearted toward a person he loved?

i came to you today because i needed you to stand by me and help me. 
i needed you there with me, not fighting me. 
i had hope that you really did care, 
and that something like this wouldn't be enough to set you off or tear us apart.

i was not good enough, once again.

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  1. Allie,μ'αρέσει πολύ το blog σου και το διαβάζω καιρό αλλά δεν το είχα κάνει follow.Anyway τώρα το έκανα και σε υπερευχαριστώ που σχολίασες στο δικό μου.Αν θες (και αν δεν έχεις κάνει) κάνε με follow.Α,και δεν σε ξεχνάω οπότε μην το ξαναδώ το do you remember?- <33