Saturday, January 8, 2011

i picked my own star.

just an update.
I am currently just sitting in my room typing this blog. 
My vanilla cupcake is burning on my night stand( i wanna eat it,but it cant) 
and Colbie Caillat is playing.
I love days like this. Nothing to do, just doing...nothing. 

Theres something so great about not having any thing to do 
and being able to do whatever you want.  
Its the last day of this. 
I go back to school on Monday and I'm dreading it.

I am jealous. 

I want a guy. Even if its just a simple little crush, 
the feeling you get from them are great. 
Something to wake up excited about, 
someone who makes me want to look my best and put my makeup on for

* 1st day its OVER & i'm hungry. *

1 comment:

  1. you are on diet soo no complains babe!
    i'm hungry too..
    And as for the guy..
    With D. you are mean to be together!
    So don't feel like this.