Monday, January 17, 2011

away in my randomness.

tell me what you know, what you know about dreaming.
cause i think i'm in the middle of a dream right now.

remember the moment he told me he liked me. 
We were walking through a random small park in NY.
I was dating someone else, someone who was intimidated by our relationship, or he seemed to be.
I thought he was so brave for getting that out,after all he was my brother's bestie for years.
 But then again, he knew me so well, he knew it wouldn’t scare me away but only pull me closer.
 He ended up taking a push down the stairs for me, because of my bro.
My boyfriend saw the truth in our relationship and broke up with me.

But you know what? I love Jas. I always had, i always will.
NOW we're officially "dating"
I'm in Monaco, he's studying in London. But there's no problem.
Every second weekend he flies down to Paris and i'll take the train for him.
he's the prince, i mean, he's cute and totally a gentleman.

thats really all i care about.
and i'm really both happy & excited right now.


  1. uhmm jas ha?
    he is cute,you know that and his character better than D.

    i'm really glad for you babe:D