Saturday, January 29, 2011

divorced from reality.

I can not say Goodbye I just can't say "I have to go" i just.. leave.
When I get close to someone it's different, I'll talk to that person, share with her my thoughts and emotions and sometimes, just sometimes, they become family to me.
 Some of my friends are so close to me that I call them family. I
 I won't let anyone see my pain, won't let them think I'm down.
 I am going to be that girl you met, the one who hid her pain and tried to be there for others.

and thats just a R.I.P-post to our friend Savvas
it's been five years..
To you, our friend, thank you for being in our lifes
. I love you and I'll always love and remember you.
 It's time to go, but you will always live in my heart and my memories.
i wish you'll keep haunting me in my dreams, it feels good.

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