Monday, December 27, 2010


woke up in an awful mood with a headache. 
dreams about weird shit always get to me. 
and it's still 2:47am.

Uhm, and i started eating crap.
ben&jerry's fault, i'm a milkshake addict.
I have always been skinny(and underweight)
and now that i've gained some weight,
i'm sooooo chopfallen.

So bloggy, we making a deal. Okey?
No junks, sugar in moderation.
Every morning a smoothie(with fruits made by Annie)
and evenings a plate full of fruits,exotic ones. 
Wish me luuuck!

i have sooo much to do today.
I'm like reading right now "To kill a mocking bird"
(fuckin' school project.)
Only a week of holidays left.

My to-do list for the whole day:
-read 5 chapters of "To kill a mocking bird"
-write chemistry essay
-clean my room
-take a shower&facial
- meet my bestie in ben&jerry's
& go down shopping 5th Ave.
- excersise a bit, running and weights.
- SLEEP normal, in like 9/10pm

kisses.  xx

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