Thursday, December 23, 2010

oh, i need you.

Good thing fucking NEVER last.
i should never never never again be over happy 
(okey, well NOT but thats what i feel like now.)

well, just so you know, 
you are really good at breaking my heart
and turing my stomach into knots.
i'm attempting the impossible.
i have no other choice.

And then you are yelling at me,
about what have i done.
Its not my fault, i've felt so insecure.

But boy, i want you back.
To be honest i NEED you right now.

Our whole relationship now is a mess.
Is that because i left? or because you are jealous?
Give me a reason.

We were together, since we were like toddlers.
How can you forget all these?
Oh boy, oh boy.

-Daniel, please read this.I need you back-

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