Monday, December 27, 2010

Are promises really made to be broken?

okey, i eat nutella right now.
and i dont care about the calories at all.
i'm a broken-hearted girl, isn't that a quite good excuse?

You shattered everything.
i thought you loved me whatever what.
that was what you've said.

I sat on the bed, motionless and unable to breathe.
 I shut my eyes and breathed slowly, trying to regain my control. 
My sweaty hand reaching for my phone again, which was lying beside me on the bed.
 I pressed the letter D and  name immediately appeared along with many other names in my phone book. 
I punched the delete key, deleting him from my phone and my life, for good.
maybe you were right, its over .
i loved you, i really had.
(and there's nothing between me and Jas)


  1. χμμ, μακαρι να μην χρειαστει να ξαναγραψεις τον αριθμο του στο κινητο σου! αλλα το τελος ειναι μεγαλη λεξη..
    θες να υπαρξει τελος μεταξυ σας?=/

  2. Nah, noo.
    but that's life, shit happens.