Tuesday, February 8, 2011

somewhere in monaco.

it may my preview post be some seconds away, but i'm extremly bored.
i dont even know why im blogging.
guess its partly beacause im taking bro's advice, although he told me to blog to stave off boredom.
but right now i need to write to let out frustration and overexcitement.
banging the keyboard helps.

yes, i am a nice church girl selfish spoiled brat
 but, i'm sick of not being happy.
 i'm sick of being miserable and torturing myself.
i'm over self saccrifice bullshit.
 i don't care, i want to be happy,
 and if that means being a selfish rotton bitch then i will have to be one.
and you know " when i'm good, i'm good but when i'm bad, i'm better"
i'm your Alpha, you are my Beta. that's life.
 you chose your way, whore. ha-ha.

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