Sunday, February 6, 2011

get naked, now.

Anyway after a long, scalding shower I am now tucked cozily in my bed.
 I ache everywhere. 
I am sore in muscles that I had no idea even existed.
 But this is a good thing and I'm actually pretty happy about it 
because I pushed myself and accomplished something even when I thought I couldn't. 

And yes, I will stick with the this power-thing class. 
It's still way more entertaining than the gym!

I'm so hangovered, last night some guys came over and we had such a riot.
We just sat in a circle playing Truth or Dare, Strip Poker and that kind of shit.
We've been drinking and laughing, listening to house vibes till the morning light
but now, i feel so shitty, and i'm soo sorry daddy for the mess.
hope you dont get mad when you read this. miss you. 
* i know you're reading my blog*
your princess, Allie  x

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