Saturday, February 12, 2011

keep sinking.

don't know who I am anymore.
 I feel as if my mind has been torn apart into two completely different people.
 One side of me is telling me that there's a skinny bitch hid inside of me somewhere, 
and if I just persevere starving, I will find happiness and be beautiful and thin.
 But then the other half is asking me what the fuck I am doing to myself, 
I can't sleep, my life is literally controlled by numbers on scales and food packets.

I have a list of other problems that need attention too.
I feel like all I'm doing in life is making my way through it. No true direction.
 I should be doing and focusing on that but I can't cuz I'm too busy thinking of someone who isn't thinking of me.
 I know my problem not yours, but still...
Ηοw can i get rid of you? i cant move on,when you're still here.
'why does this boy have my heart, when he doesn't even deserve it?'


  1. All people have this problem - for examp. me. But that's how we are, we can't change that. Just get used to it and bare with it. You'll see, everything's gonna be alright! ;) xx

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  3. Well think is being skinny going to bring you happiness? Or no matter how much kilos you lose ,you will want to lose even more?
    It's dangerous ,you know that. It's a good thing you are still having doubts about if what you do is right. I am through this as well. But really sometimes I wonder ... what's the point of this shit?
    And about you being heartbroken.. well ,everyone has been through this situation. I guess time will fix you.

  4. Ιf he does not deserve it you will understand
    be patient and don't give up